Allett C34

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ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the Allett C34.

The Allett C-34 machine (part of our professional mowers range) delivers a wide range of professional turf maintenance functions from a single pedestrian controlled machine to suit all maintained turf areas. 

Each purpose-designed, easy-change, C-Range cartridge head becomes an integral part of the machine, enabling tasks ranging from fine turf mowing, verti-cutting and slitting to brushing, scarifying and sorrel rolling to be carried out successfully and without compromise.

Such year-round versatility greatly extends the cost effectiveness of the C-Range power unit, enhancing the value of the investment for the benefit of owners such as bowls and golf clubs, turf maintenance contractors and other professionals looking after quality turf surfaces.

The C34 has adjustable handlebars, equipped with anti-vibration mounting. Grass boxes are manufactured out of moulded plastic with steel reinforcing strip. Engineered to operate effectively at low engine speeds the C34 machine delivers low fuel consumption, noise levels and vibration.

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All machines carry our two-year warranty on parts and labour.

Product Overview:

  • Professional mower range GX200 (34”) engine
  • 3.1 litre fuel tank
  • 86.4cm (34”/340mm) working width
  • Cylinder cutting system
  • Six-blade ‘Quick Cartridge’ cylinder
  • 8 blade = 148cuts/m , 6 blade = 111cuts/m
  • 8mm – 55mm (0.32″-2.17″) cut height
  • Adjustable handlebars with anti-vibration mountings
  • A wide range of interchangeable cartridge heads available for a variety of turf maintenance tasks
  • One machine capable of performing up to 8 different turf tasks
Working width 864mm (34in)
Overall width 1120mm (45in)
Cuts per Metre 6 blade- 111cpm
8 blade- 148cpm
Height of Cut 8mm-55mm (0.32″ to 2.17″)
Engine Honda GX200
Handlebar Adjustable with anti-vibration mountings
Grassbox Moulded plastic with steel reinforcing strip
Weight (without a cartridge head) 164kg (361lb)
Cartridge head options 6 or 8 blade cutting cylinder; powered scarifier; powered verticutter; powered brush, sorrel roller, turf rake, scarifier with tungsten tipped blades
Other options Trailing seat