BLEC Rotor-Rake

Specialised landscaping and turf care equipment.

ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the BLEC Rotor-Rake.

The BLEC Rotor Rake is available with either the multi-tine fine tooth rotor for raking stones off down to 20mm size or the alternative bolt on long tine for deeper raking down to 10cm and removing stones from 25mm and larger. The rake is fitted with a hydraulic bi-angling rotor with duplex chain drive, overload clutch and heavy duty gearboxes. The working principle is simple but effective – a contra rotating rotor fitted with high grade teeth positioned in a spiral sequence forking out unwanted stones and debris to the front and by angling the rotor all debris is moved to the side, leaving a clean raked finish. The Rotor Rake is popular for ‘cleaning’ during the renovation of hybrid surfaces.


• Large diameter rotor for heavy working
• Optional spring tine or long tine rotors
• Duplex chain drive with overload clutch
• Special wide angle pto shaft drive
• Optional laser guided depth control