Harper Verti-Cutter

ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the Harper Verti-Cutter.

Keeping grass green year after year can be a tough task, but with the PTO-powered Verti-Cutter by Harper Turf, thatch has met its match. Designed for durability, the Verti-Cutter by Harper Turf is ideal for verti-cutting, dethatching, renovating, and preparation for overseeding. Keeping grass green has never been easier: the Verti-Cutter by Harper Turf.

A cut width of 5 feet means fewer passes and greater efficiency.

Easy adjusting skids mean greater precision and less waste.

A heavy duty gear drive with a #60 double chain drive ensures power and durability.

Hydraulic operated lift wheels allow you to remotely adjust the Verti-Cutter height.

Thatch Swath 60″ blade-to-blade
Blades (31) 10 ga/11 pt. 12″ diameter Corten Steel
Blade Spacing 2″ (standard); 1.5″ (975439) or 2.5″ (975426) is optional
Blade Shaft 1.5″ square steel shaft with heavy-duty jam nut
Blade Shaft Rotation Forward rotation
Blade Depth 0″ – 1″
Blade Depth Adjustment Large jacking bolts on no-maintenance skids
Hitch Adjustable quick pin tag along
Drive 540 RPM PTO to gearbox, double 60# chain to blade shaft w/ shear bolt
Required Horsepower 25 HP required
Transport System Single cylinder with E-Z ram lock, Q.D. from tractor auxiliary valve
Tires 4-bolt wheels and (2) foam-filled 16×6.5×8 turf tires
Frame All-welded steel construction with three-position adjustable tow bar
Weight 1,000 lbs.
Dimensions 62″ L x 89″ W x 38″ H