Redexim Overseeder 1275

ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the Redexim Overseeder 1275.

Not only is it the fastest Overseeder, it’s also the most effective. It actually buries the seed up to 0.78″ (20 mm) deep in the ground, safe from the beaks of hungry birds and out of the way of the wind.

The amount of seed you wish to sow is controllable to a highly accurate degree and the Overseeder takes the most undulating ground firmly in its stride. This is thanks to individually mounted coulters that allow them to ‘float’ over contours.

Feature Benefit
Bogey Kit Can be pulled with utility vehicle
Close Spacing Quicker fill in time
Accurate Seeding System Eliminated waste
Unique Planting System Higher germination rate
No PTO Required Less mess and higher working speed
Model Overseeder 1275
Weight 1,450 lbs (678 kg)
Spacing 2.95″ (75 mm)
Disk Quantity 14
Working Width 48” (1.22 m)
Three-Point Type Cat. 2
Seed Box Capacity 6 cu. ft. (0.16 cu. m.)
Delivery Rate Infinite
Recommended Tractor 35 hp, with 1,750 lbs (794 kg) lift capacity