Shibaura R63AW Self-Propelled Rotary Slope Mower

ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the Shibaura R63AW Self-Propelled Rotary Slope Mower.

Professional multi-purpose slope mower for precise daily maintenance of slope areas.

R63AW is designed for mowing on slopes to enable you to finish your jobs faster, easier and with more safety.

The mower is equipped with a high efficiency Alligator Blade and Lug Double Tires capable of operating on steep slopes for your quick and easy operation.

Axle Lock System

Stop the power flow to the transmission to lock axle for easy and smooth turn on slope area.

Torque limiter

Equipped with a torque limiter on the blade rotation to prevent the gear box damage caused by obstacles such as rocks or stumps.

Alligator Blade

New blade design makes wind flow to lift the grass on the ground to leave a beautiful finish.
Easy and safe operation at high density weedy area, as its blade tear the grass to leaves the tips shredded.

L x W x H (mm) 1860 x 847 x 1050
TYPE Air-cooled 4 cycle gasoline engine
STARTING Electric Starter
POWER〔kW (PS)〕 5.9 (8.0)
SPEED GEAR Forward 3 / Reverse 1
GROUND SPEED (km/h) Forward 1: 2.5
GROUND SPEED(km/h) Forward 2: 4.2
GROUND SPEED (km/h) Forward 3 : 6.8
GROUND SPEED(km/h) Reverse 1: 1.9
BLADE Single Bar Blade
WIDTH OF CUT (mm) 630
HEIGHT OF CUT (mm) 20 – 80
WHEEL Front : 3.50-4 (Turf)
Rear : 3.50-5 (Lug Double Tire)
CLUTCH LEVER Dead-man type clutch