SMG MixMatic M1202

ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the SMG MixMatic M1202.

Batch mixer for binder, rubber granules and gravel. Options: charging vat, binder pump VoluMatic V40. Materials for sports surfaces, such as granulate, gravel, cork and PU-coating are homogeneously mixed by the MixMatic M1202. The M1202 is also ideal for industrial floors, e.g. for cementbound floor screeds or epoxy resin floor coverings.

The robust construction of the machines is designed to withstand the extremely tough conditions of non-stop work on job sites. Thus, the low filling lever for loading and the strong lifting hydraulics for the speedy discharging of the mixed material turn out to be key benefits. Extremely intensive mixing of the materials shortens mixing cycles. Using an extra charging vat (optional) can expedite the mixing process. The basic mixer lifting hydraulics facilitate the loading.

Drive M1202 D: diesel engine 14,9 kW (20 PS)
M1202 E: electric motor 8 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz / 15 A
Electrical equipment Compact control in a housing protected against spraying water; with switch for changing the direction of turn
Mixing capacity 150 kg/2 min
Mixer drive Hydraulic aggregate with tank, pump, oil cooler, control valve, main control block, level indicator with thermometer. Pump and oil cooler driven by the motor via twin V-belts, tank capacity 45 litres.
Weight M1202 D: 650kg
M1202 E: 550kg
Dimensions L 2.300 x B 1.000 x H 1.150 mm