SMG MixMatic M250

ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the SMG MixMatic M250.

Batch mixer for binder and rubber granules. A wide variety of materials in small quantities can be homogeneously mixed by the MixMatic M250. The compact mixing unit with petrol engine can save you a lot of storage space. Two wheelbarrows (supplied) used as mixing and transport container ensure a continuous and flexible flow of material.

A hydraulic lifter swings the mixing head upwards. The wheelbarrow is then placed underneath the mixing unit. Afterwards the mixing unit needs to be lowered and thus the container is fixed in position. The mixing cycle starts and continues until it is switched off manually. During the mixing time of approx. 2 minutes the next mixture can be prepared in another wheelbarrow. Additional material can be safely added at any time through the filling lattice. Thus, a homogeneous mixture of all components is achieved in the shortest possible time.

Drive M250 B: Petrol engine / 1 Zylinder / 7,1 KW (10 PS)
Mixing capacity 90 kg/2 min
Mixer drive Hydraulic aggregate with tank, pump, manual control valve, main control block, contents level display
Filling height 1.200 mm
Weight 350 kg
Dimensions L 1.400 x B 900 x H 1.200 mm