SMG TurfGuard TG2

ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the SMG TurfGuard TG2.

One-axle for the filling, maintenance and expansion of artificial grass.

The TurfGuard TG2 with its various attachments installs and maintains filled artificial lawns. The TG2 is powered by a powerful 6 kW (8 PS) gasoline engine.

The TurfGuard TG2 has a 1-hand control for stepless forward and reverse travel. At the same time, the TG2 can be steered in a narrow space with the swivel, swivel handle during slow travel. As the vehicle travels, the steering stabilises, resulting in a better straight-ahead travel.

The TG2 has a total of 5 connections and a return line.

2 connections have a speed-dependent oil quantity, e.g. A spreading roller or a brush, which is dependent on the driving speed.

For additional 3 connections, the operator can use additional functions, different attachments.

The valve levers can also be fixed in the front or rear position, e.g. For a freezer brush, snowmachine …

Its compact dimensions, the tight turning circle and the large number of connections make the TG2 the perfect helper on small playing fields, Tennis, paddle tennis or futsal.

Motor output 1-cylinder gasoline engine / 6 kW (8 PS)
Traction drive Hydrostatic drive forward / backward – left / right
Hydraulics Hydrostatic drive forward / backward – left / right Attachment – Supply 100 bar – 16 l / min

• 3 Free connections
• 2 cable connections
• 1 Separate return line

Drive Power: 12V DC
Weight 260 Kg
Dimensions L 1.223 x B 765 x H 1.116 mm
Optional Attachments:
• OS1100
• OSS1100
• RT900
• TS350
• Free sweeping brush