SMG TurfWinch TW2000 ECO

ADE Golf and Turf Equipment from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Proudly supply the SMG TurfWinch TW2000 ECO.

Attachment for Up and Unrolling of artificial turf.

TurfWinch TW2000 winds up artificial turf with or without infill material into transportable rolls. The maximum roll width is 2 metres. Height adjustable support rollers facilitate handling. The winding speed is also adjustable and can be activated from the driver seat by the handheld steering. TurfWinch TW2000 can be operated by different adaptors with all available loaders.

Requirements for using the TW2000:
Operation requires a loader or a tractor with at least 20 kW (27HP) drive power and an oil capacity of 25 litres per minute. We recommend a continuously variable hydrostatic transmission drive or crawling gear.

Roll width 2 Meter optimal
Drive Hydraulic
Weight ca. 260 kg
Dimensions L 1.000 x B 2.510 x H 1.050 mm